Dndfigurer: Everything is currently run by me, from my basement. 

The printers and resin: I use phrozen mega 8k printers and my own mix of resin in order to have a mix of hard and flexible miniatures. 

Production: Everything is printed when I get an order. Nothing printed is in stock. Ever! So when you place an order, I need to prepare the files, print the miniatures, clean the miniatures and remove supports before i can ship them. This takes a bit of time, and my printers are often running 24 hours a day. This means that from I recieve your order to the actual shipping, might be up to a whole week. 

When you recieve your miniatures: 
1) Some weird white stuff on the mini. Its leftovers from the cleaning. You can basecoat on top of it, or brush it of with an old toothbrush.
2) weird sticks on the mini. Leftover supports from the printing. Normally I remove them during cleaning, but some times I miss af few. Once again, the old toothbrush can remove them. 
3) Needs to be glued: Some come in one piece, some don't. Never use plastic glue! Any type of super glue will work, personally I recommend Armypainters. 
4) My miniatures er too soft! No problem, they are printed in UV-resin, so just leave them in some sunlight and they will harden. Dont leave them for days, check to see if they fit your taste every hour.