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Healing potion markers and dice set

Healing potion markers and dice set

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Upgrade your gaming sessions with our complete healing potion markers & dice set, which comes with 15 color-coded healing potion tokens, 24 D4 dice, and 4 reference cards. Each potion level is paired with a corresponding color-matching dice set, guaranteeing you have the right amount dice for every healing dice roll.

  • HEALING POTION TRACKING: Includes 15 Healing Potion Tokens, allowing players to visually track the number of each type of healing potion they possess. Never forget to use healing potions during critical moments in the game again.
  • COLOR-CODED DICE: Each type of healing potion token is accompanied by a color-matching set of dice. This eliminates the need to count and search for the exact number of dice required. Players can simply pick up the corresponding color-coded dice and roll.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SET: Includes 15 Potion Tokens, 24 dice and 4 reference cards; six Potions of Healing Tokens (with two D4), four Potions of Greater Healing (with four D4), three Potions of Superior Healing (with eight D4), and two Potions of Supreme Healing (with ten D4).
  • DM & PLAYER: Designed to cater to both players and Dungeon Masters (DMs). Players can use the tokens and dice to track and roll for their own potions, while DMs can distribute them during game sessions. Eliminating the need to constantly write and erase potion numbers & allowing players to stay engaged in the game.
  • UNIQUE & HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: Potions and dice in the set are custom-designed and produced to offer a visually appealing and transparent appearance. The compact size of the tokens makes them easy to carry around, while ensuring the highest quality for an enjoyable gaming experience.
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